What stability looks like so far (1 year on meds)

I started my medication in mid 2020 after my diagnosis, and I reached the full dose I’m currently on in August 2020. Thought I’d show what my mood has been like since then, and reflect a bit on the past year. I have been tracking my mood using the Bipolar UK mood scale and my…More

Little achievements

Having to be late to an interview and keeping my emotions in line with my rational thinking, rather than having a panic attack. Changing my shirt in a locker room without going into a stall because I don’t get anxious or scared if someone sees my scars anymore. Letting toxic people go and having the…More

Remaining grounded through changes

There are changes you make and changes that happen. Changes that you can see coming and changes that catch you off guard. For me, bipolar disorder is easier to manage if I have stability, routine, and predictability. It’s easy for some things to throw me off balance, so I have to be especially careful not…More

The sunshine

This is something I wrote a couple years ago. I was staying in a crisis house, undiagnosed at the time, and someone thought a bunch of empty platitudes would help me. ///// Someone asked me how I’m doing, said hopefully I see the sunshine now. I appreciate the good intentions. The issue is not that…More