Two suicide attampts later… I am happy

CONTENT WARNING: suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, overdoses, hallucinations International list of suicide helplines here. The following is based on journal entries I wrote over the past 16 months and it is centred around two suicide attempts. Please don’t read if you think this will be upsetting or triggering for you.More

The sunshine

This is something I wrote a couple years ago. I was staying in a crisis house, undiagnosed at the time, and someone thought a bunch of empty platitudes would help me. ///// Someone asked me how I’m doing, said hopefully I see the sunshine now. I appreciate the good intentions. The issue is not that…More

Establishing a housekeeping routine

For me, cleaning and keeping things tidy is one of the first things I start to struggle with when a depressive episode starts. Here I want to show not just how I successfully established a sustainable housekeeping routine, but also share how depressive episodes affected me in that regard. I want to share this for…More

Adjusting to life after a mental health hospital stay

I spent ten weeks inpatient in a mental health hospital. In the hospital I had a sense of safety, security, and being cared for that I wouldn’t have to the same extent when going back to living on my own. The week leading up to my discharge I knew I was ready for it, but…More

Not Just Bipolar – An introduction

I’m 27 and I have suffered from bipolar disorder for many years, but I wasn’t diagnosed until mid-2020 after my second suicide attempt. I have bipolar disorder type 2. This means I can experience depressive and hypomanic episodes, as well as mixed episodes. Hypomania is less severe than mania, but it can have disruptive effects…More