Not Just Bipolar – An introduction

I’m 27 and I have suffered from bipolar disorder for many years, but I wasn’t diagnosed until mid-2020 after my second suicide attempt.

I have bipolar disorder type 2. This means I can experience depressive and hypomanic episodes, as well as mixed episodes. Hypomania is less severe than mania, but it can have disruptive effects regardless.

My last depressive episode led to a suicide attempt, followed by a period of hypomania which evolved into a mixed episode. After several months of this I felt like I was losing my mind, mental health services were unhelpful, and I felt so desperate I attempted suicide again. I made it out alive, which I really didn’t expect, and ended up in a mental health hospital for ten weeks. This is where I got a diagnosis and treatment.

While in the hospital I learned a lot about my warning signs, potential triggers, and coping skills. I am now stable, self-managing my condition with the help of medication and professional support, and able to work with some reasonable adjustments.

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences. I don’t intend for it to be a general information blog about bipolar disorder, just a personal account of living with it. I want to write about my experiences with the mental healthcare system in England, my coping skills and self-managing strategies, my thoughts and feelings about having this disorder, the implications it has on my life, etc.

But as the title says, it’s not just bipolar. Having bipolar disorder is only one aspect of my life and I can’t talk about it as an isolated condition. It affects and intersects with every other aspect of my life and I want to reflect that.

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